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A healthy dog is also a happy dog. Here are the Vacaville spots where you can keep your dog active.

These days, pets are part of our lives as never before. As a result, when shopping for a new home, many people look for features that will enhance the comfort and enjoyment of their pets: a backyard, for sure, for exercise, but also a clean-up station for the dogs, pet doors, durable flooring, outdoor ramp for elderly dogs, built-in pet gates, enclosed patio for cats, and a central vacuum cleaning system.

As you shop among Vacaville homes for sale, you may find some or all these features for your pets, or perhaps it'll just be a great house that lends itself to adding these pet accommodations.

But what about when you and your canines (or, increasingly, even your feline, if you have an adventurous one) venture forth and need a vigorous walk? Our real estate agents have done some sleuthing and found some great places in Vacaville to enjoy a stroll with your pets — just in time for celebrating Active Dog Month in April, as it turns out. So get going with your active dog (or cat) and take a walk!

  1. Centennial Dog Park. 501 Browns Valley Parkway, Vacaville
    Centennial Dog Park is the pride and joy of Vacaville when it comes to cool places to take your dogs. It's a spacious, off-leash facility with separate areas for small and large dogs. The dog park is still being developed, so be prepared for wide-open sunlight. Wear something on your feet that works with bark inside the off-leash areas. No unaltered male dogs. Chairs and water are available.

  2. Lagoon Valley Park and Open Space. 1 Pena Adobe Road, Vacaville
    There is an abundance of trails in Lagoon Valley Park and Open Space. You'll find 470 acres, with an off-leash area for dogs, plus a lake for boating or fishing, or just for cooling off Fido's feet. The trail near the lake is flat, but you can find some elevation in nearby hills, where winding trails will give you a workout. This park is just five minutes from Vacaville.

  3. Browns Valley Hills. Wrentham Dr. & Vaca Valley Pkwy., Vacaville 
    There are no marked trails at Browns Valley Hills, but hiking is allowed. Hiking the hills is moderate to strenuous, so it's best to bring your stronger, more athletic dogs and leave the peewees home. Steep slopes abound, as do boulders and great views of Vacaville. Be sure to take in the tree swing and load it onto Instagram. Go Browns Valley Parkway, then take a left on Wrentham Drive, then left on Rambleton Drive, and find an entryway to walk into the hills.

  4. Rockville Hills Regional Park. 2149 Rockville Rd, Fairfield
    Just a 17-minute drive from Vacaville, Rockville Hills Regional Park offers nearly 600 acres of woodlands and grasslands, with 20-plus trails. Enjoy views of the surrounding hills as you walk with your pooch. Make it a quick hike or an all-day exploration. What else to see? Caves, rock formations, and a small lake are just a few of the attractions. Print out a map of the trails before you go, as some are not well marked. Be prepared to pay $3 for humans and $1 a canine. This is strictly enforced, by the way, and you can pay by cash or card at an automated machine near the entrance.

Vacaville is a great place for humans and dogs. Any questions? Our real estate staff have the answers to what you need to know about buying or selling a house in Vacaville. Contact us today.

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