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Enjoy dining outside with these Vacaville restaurant patios.

When you live in the Vacaville area, you have access to many of the best restaurants that offer patio dining. Our real estate agents can help you find your new favorite lunch spot if you are looking to be a new home. As someone who is trying to sell property, we do our research when it comes to restaurants and other recreational areas where you and your family might want to enjoy a bite to eat or spend time with friends. The following five restaurants are some of the best in the area for great food and patio dining.

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You've found your dream home, but before you make an offer, check these tasks off your to-do list.

Before you decide to place a bid on a home, there are things you should think about first. Being fully prepared for the process is important and will help you avoid major mistakes that can cost you in the long run. Our real estate agents can help you gather the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to the purchase of a home. The more you know, the better off you will be when it comes to long-term decision-making.

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Vacaville has a rich and important history you can discover for yourself. Here are the places to experience the city's past.

In addition to being the home of the legendary Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Vacaville is known to be rich in history. It's also a great place to raise your children. Even though it no longer has a home, the Napa Valley Model Railroad Historical Society still puts on the occasional exhibit for local residents. When you're ready to explore a few of the local historical sites, our real estate agents can point out several you may find intriguing.

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Buying a home comes with some significant upfront costs. Here's how to determine the amount you need to save.

Buying your first home is an overwhelming process when you start to look at everything that is involved. Our real estate agents are available to help you navigate your way through the different steps that are involved in buying a home. When it comes to saving for a down payment, it's important to know how much you should be saving and the different ways you can reach your goal.

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