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If you're selling your home, the appraisal is one aspect you don't want to overlook. Here's how you can prep for it.

You have a long list of things to do when preparing your home for sale. If you are getting ready for an appraisal, you will want to go over your home carefully to ensure your home is in the best possible condition. An appraiser's job is to put a value on your home so you can arrive at a fair selling price. If you want to maximize that value, it's important your home is in top form. Our real estate agents can help you get things ready and reduce the stress you may feel about the appraisal.

  • Deep clean everywhere! - Deep clean your home in every possible place. Clean out your closets. Declutter your shelves and cabinets. Shampoo your carpets and have your curtains cleaned. It may seem like a lot of work, but it needs to be done. Have your HVAC system and ducts cleaned as well. It will improve the air quality in your home and eliminate the dust and debris that collects in your system.

  • Upgrade your home security and safety equipment – Many potential home buyers look for quality security systems and safety equipment. Add a few pieces to your home security system and upgrade it to a smart system. This includes a smart thermostat, smart locks, and environmental sensors for heat and moisture. Replace old smoke alarms with newer ones that are more efficient. Contact your fire department to have your fire extinguishers recharged.

  • Be Mr. Fix-It – Go through your home and look for any things that may need to be repaired. Window latches and the weatherstripping around exterior doors are common culprits. Make sure your toilets run efficiently as well. No more jiggling the handle! Replace any burnt-out light bulbs and check that all your appliances are working correctly.

  • Freshen things up – Freshen things up with a new coat of paint. Go over your trim and restain your deck. It's the simple cosmetic touches that can add a dramatic effect to your home. Replace old, worn-out pieces of décor with new items that fit your personality.

  • Pay close attention to the details – Sometimes, it's the little details that go overlooked. Open your cabinet doors. Are they flush? Do they squeak? A little tender loving care will make your home seem more cozy and comfortable. Tighten any loose knobs. Add a closet organizer, so you have more space. Re-organize your pantry, so it's easier to find what you need.

  • Maximize curb appeal – People who are looking for Vacaville homes for sale will be more interested in a home if it looks sharp from the street. Curb appeal is the name of the game if you want to attract the right buyer. First impressions are everything.

Getting ready for an appraisal can be frustrating. If you have questions or concerns, contact us. We have years of experience and know what appraisers look for when placing a value on a home. Get the most out of your home by giving it the TLC it needs before the appraiser arrives!

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