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Always wanted a more environmentally friendly yard? Here's how you can achieve it.

Going green has a new meaning when you are talking about your lawn. Discontinuing the use of harsh chemical fertilizers and herbicides can mean a long battle with both weeds and bugs. Choosing to go organic doesn't mean it will be difficult. It means you will have to work a little harder, have more patience, and be willing to try new things. Our real estate agents can put you in touch with organic lawn care teams who can help you get started.

  • Choose the right type of grass for your lawn – Uses grasses that are native to your area. Buffalo grass is ideal for dryer climates and is extremely hardy and slow-growing. If you are looking for Vacaville homes for sale, look for ones that have grass native to southern California that doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

  • Plant herbs that insects like to avoidMint and garlic will keep many insects out of your lawn. Planting a butterfly garden will attract honeybees and butterflies which also work to your advantage when it comes to keeping pests away.

  • Compost, compost, compost – Instead of mulch, use compost. Compost is easy to make on your own so that you always have an endless supply. Build your own compost bin, and you will have a lifetime supply of decorative mulch that doubles as fertilizer.

  • Look for organic lawn fertilizers – Your local hardware store or nursery will stock organic lawn care products that you can use to keep your lawn looking naturally beautiful. You can also contact your local university extension office to learn more about soil tests and natural herbicides and pesticides.

  • Overseed your lawn – The best way to drive out weeds is to make sure there is no room for them. Overseeding your lawn means more grass and less room for weeds to take root and thrive. Use seed that is native to your location and that will thrive without much care.

  • Spread corn gluten meal throughout your lawnCorn gluten meal is a great way to prevent weeds from growing on your lawn. Don't use it if you have just planted grass seed. It will prevent it from taking root too. Only apply to your lawn if your grass has already taken root and is thriving.

  • Don't cut your grass too short – Allow your grass to grow two or three inches. It will prevent weeds from being able to take hold in your lawn and will provide you with a nice cushion when you walk through the grass. If you keep it neatly trimmed between two and three inches, it will look nice and help to keep weeds at bay.

When you buy a home, it means you need to learn to take care of it. That includes the lawn. If you want to learn more about organic lawn care, we can put you in touch with professionals who can help. Contact us today to learn more! Don't rely on old myths like using boiling water or dish soap to control weeds. We can help you come up with solutions that are much longer-lasting.

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